Wednesday, July 26, 2017

This American Life

An excellent episode of This American Life (Episode 621 - Fear and Loathing in Homer and link to the episode at This American Life. It is also available using your favourite podcast app on both IOS and Android.  The transcript of the episode is also available here.
Rockville) with numerous connections to Theory of Knowledge and the IB Learner Profile. After watching this episode, IB students should aspire to "Be Like Ben." Here is the

Monday, June 12, 2017

Sapir Whorf - Jamila Lyiscott Language and Schooling

In her Tedtalk and in her post at, Jamila Lyiscott explores the role language plays in power relationships, particularly as it relates to schooling. This would be good real life situations for a TOK presentation. I highly recommend using the interactive transcript as you view the Tedtalk.

The Map of Mathematics - beyond high school math what is it all about?

Whether you want to explore mathematics in your TOK essay or your TOK presentation, this is a great introduction to the various kinds of mathematics that are currently being explored in the world of mathematics. The video breaks down the field in Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics and explores the various kinds of math that are being done in each.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Real Life Situation - Geography

In Mr. Pendergast's Geography class, you are beginning to examine the effect of disparities in the world. One of the resources he uses is a the following Tedtalk. In his Tedtalk, "How inequality harm societies," Richard Wilkinson concludes, "I think the take-home message though is that we can improve the real quality of human life by reducing the differences in incomes between us." What methods does Wilkinson use to justify this knowledge claim?
Here is an example of some TOK thinking on his talk. The knowledge questions recorded would be suitable for an entry in your TOK Field book.